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Mechanical Seals for Compressor

Our products have been widely applied to petroleum, chemical fiber, fertilizer, oil refining, papermaking, nuclear power, power plant, metallurgy, food, pharmaceuticals, etc. Main products are mechanical seals, dry gas seals and many kinds of seal control systems, suitable for all types of rotating equipments, such as pumps, mixers, agitators and compressors and so on.

1. Characterizing excellent self-lubrication and abrasive resistance, compressor mechanical seal is an ideal oil-free lubrication sealing material.
2. Mechanical seal for compressor can be used in extensive temperature ranging from -180°C to 250°C.
3. This compressor mechanical seal has strong capacity in resisting the corrodent, such as strong acid, alkali, oxidizer, etc.

1. This mechanical seal for compressor is of high-performance and competitive price. It also guarantees longer service life and low energy consumption.
2. Compressor mechanical seal can be customized according to the operation conditions (such as pressure, temperature, rotary speed, medium, etc.) and the cavity size of the pump.
3. It is corrosion resistant.
4. Prompt delivery and optimal service is guaranteed.

Quality Assurance
Trisun has passed ISO9001 certification and been awarded the high-tech industry. We are the first-level supplier of China Petroleum and China Petrochemical, providing customers with a complete seal and system solution. The last but not least, we have the world-class level of dynamic pressure seal laboratory and advanced sealing design software, which leads to high quality products. Undoubtedly, our mechanical seal for compressor is of high quality.

Shanghai Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specializing in designing and manufacturing various fluid seals in China. Our main products include mechanical seals like dry gas seals, agitator seals, cartridge seals, metal bellows seals, etc. Our mechanical seals can be applied to compressors. And our mechanical seal for compressor (compressor mechanical seal) has been exported to many countries and regions, winning widespread recognition and praise. If you are interested in such products, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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