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Mechanical Seals for Reactor

Reactor is key equipment in the field of chemical, chemical fiber, petroleum, pharmacy, etc. It is composed of kettle body, stirrer, transmission machinery and sealing device. Mechanical seal for reactor is used for sealing high pressure gas or gas liquid mixture, which has the same function with mechanical seal for pump. But the chemical reactions inside the reaction kettle can cause the shape variation of pressure, temperature and material. Thus, this mechanical seal shall be designed according to using condition.

1. The installation and operation play an important role in the service life of this mechanical seal for reactor. When installing, please strictly follow the requirements.
2. Remember to avoid dry friction of these mechanical seals.
3. Abrasion is a factor that fails the mechanical seal for reactor. Correctly choose suitable materials and lubricating medium to lessen abrasion and prolong the operating life.

Shanghai Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. is specializing in designing and manufacturing various fluid seals in China. Our main products cover dry gas seals, agitator seals, cartridge seals, metal bellows seals, etc. These mechanical seals can be applied to reactor. Our company designs this mechanical seal for reactor based on customers’ requirements and guarantees optimal quality.

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