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Dry Gas Seals

Dry gas seal, also called dry running gas seal, is non-contacting, which consists of a mating (rotating) ring and a primary (stationary) ring. When in operation, grooves in the rotating ring generate a fluid-dynamic force leading the stationary ring to separate and create a gap between the two rings.

Due to its characteristics of eliminating contamination and not using lubricating oil, dry gas seal has been typically applied in centrifugal compressors in the last two decades. These dry running gas seals are also widely used in harsh working environment such as oil exploration, extraction and refining, petrochemical industries, gas transmission and chemical processing.

1. Multi-groove type
The divided multi-groove dry gas seal serves to maintain the desired parallelism between seal surfaces, and further minimize the change in leak rate, assuring stabilized sealing performance.
2. Minimized power consumption
Because the power is only used for shearing gas at seal area, the power consumption is extremely limited as compared with that of contact seal.
3. Space-saving cartridge type
This dry running gas seal is of cartridge type, and the rotary side is integral with the static side, allowing the seal to be handled easily.

1. This new dry gas seal technology increases the ability to reduce process gas leakage during production runs.
2. It can improve machine availability through more intelligent planned maintenance and fewer unexpected outages.
3. Dry running gas seal improves efficiency, sometimes dramatically, by eliminating the plastic power losses caused by oil shear and drag.
4. It can eliminate contamination of process gas by seal lubricants. Besides, it can extend lubricating oil’s life.
5. All manufactured dry gas seals are subjected to a dynamic performance test. During the test, the seals are running under normal and abnormal conditions.

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