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  • DuPont Original Kalrez O-ring
  • DuPont Original Kalrez O-ringDupont Kalrez O-ring can be applied in the industry of semiconductor, petrochemical and chemical, oil and gas production, and pharmaceuticals and food. 1. Perfluoro rubber is invented by Dupont, a famous company in America.2. Dupont O-ring is the only product that the time of application is more than...
  • PTFE Encapsulated Ring
  • PTFE Encapsulated RingEncapsulated O-rings include PTFE encapsulated O-rings, FEP (Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene) encapsulated O-rings, PFA (Perfluoroalkoxy)encapsulated O-rings, square cross-section seal rings and rectangular cross-section seal rings.1. FEP encapsulated O-ring. This seal ring is clear and smooth...
  • Perfluoroelastomer Ring(FFKM)
  • Perfluoroelastomer Ring(FFKM)Perfluoroelastomer ring(FFKM ring)is synthetic elastomer without C-H bond (Carbon-Hydrogen). This kind of ring can effectively work under the max temperature of 327℃ and bear corrosion of any chemical mediator. It has perfect tolerance to oil, chemical and heat. Perfluoroelastomer ring also has...
  • Seal O-Ring
  • Seal O-RingO-rings are mechanical gaskets that often applied in dynamic and static applications. They are round in shape and varied by size and cross-section shape. Seal O-rings are typically made of elastomers such as nitrile and silicone, and are used in engines, faucets, flanges, valves and cylinders...

Sealing Accessories

Trisun is offering a wide assortment of sealing accessories (seal rings) that are used for mechanical sealing. These accessories include Dupont original kalrez O-ring, PTFE encapsulated ring, perfluoroelastomer ring and seal O-ring, which are fabricated according to various demands and requirements of our customers.

1. Sealing accessories feature high performance and high resistance against extrusion.
2. Seal rings are fit for severe working conditions. And they are easy to install.
3. The sealing system is extremely leak tight under the most severe conditions of pressure, temperature, vacuum, and is suitable for nuclear applications.
4. All sealing accessories can be used at high temperatures.

Shanghai Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of various fluid seals in China. We also provide sealing accessories (seal rings). Our products are good in performance and stable in quality, winning widespread recognition and praise. For more detailed information, please feel free to contact us.