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Component Seals

Besides a comprehensive range of standard inventory products, we are also devoted to developing a range of component seals (a kind of mechanical seals), depending on our modular seal technology, in order to meet lots of engineering applications.

Component seals are widely utilized in such industries as water pump factory, printing and dyeing machinery plant, paper mills, power plants, chemical plants, pharmaceutical shipyard, and sewage treatment plant, etc. These mechanical seals are also often used in hospital, agriculture, equipment cooling, leather industry, heavy machinery, etc.

1. All seals are unitized, so there are no loose parts to fall off or jam during seal installation.
2. Component seals are superior rust and corrosion resistant and can meet tough environmental standards.
3. This kind of mechanical seals is stable that leads no leakage. In the run of long period of time, if the seal is leaking, the leakage content is just 1%. Consumers needn’t worry for that.
4. Component seal has long operation time. In oil or water, it can maintain 1 to 2 years or longer time. Even in chemical medium, it can keep half a year.
5. Its frication power consumption is lower, just 10%~50% of other soft packing seals. And it needs no regular maintenance.
6. This kind of mechanical seals is good vibration resistant.
7. Component seal can be used in such applications as low temperature, high temperature, vacuum, high pressure, corrosion fields and other fields.

1. When in installation, be utterly careful to avoid deviation. When in disassembly, also be careful to avoid damaging seals.
2. Completely inspect component seals, affiliated device and pipelining, in order to check whether they comply with technology requirements.
3. Before starting, make sure that sealed cavity is filled with liquid.
4. Regularly check the sealing conditions. When the leakage content is over the standard, please stop the pump to inspect.

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