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Special Seals

Split cartridge seal, just as its name implies, is primarily designed with a split rotating face and split stationary lapped ring. These rings or seal faces are sealed to the drive element and gland element via split secondary elastomer seals. These secondary seals may be molded for easy installation or vulcanized in place for custom seal designs. A series of springs are used to load the seal faces to prevent leakage from the primary seal. The splits may be machined to a polished finish to form a seal or may be sealed by a gasket.
The split mechanical seal is often mounted in place of mechanical packing or a conventional shaft seal because the equipment remains assembled while the seal is mounted. It is primarily used to seal non-volatile fluids, but also can be used to seal aggressive fluids in top entry vessels via the use of a gas blanket.

1. Split cartridge seal is often used to seal rotating equipment such as mixers, agitators, stern tubes, and reactors.
2. This split mechanical seal can be installed on the pump without disassembling the equipment and just simply attaching two halves over the shaft.
3. Split cartridge seal can be fully pressure tested at the factory before shipping. Thus the quality is guaranteed.

1. Precision lapped rotary split mechanical seal provides industry leading separation technology and predictable sealing.
2. External wear indicator assists preventative maintenance.
3. Minimum parts are needed to assemble when installing split cartridge seals.
4. The stationary seal face of split mechanical seal is self-aligned.
5. Hydraulically balanced seal faces reduced seal face loading, maximizing seal life and allowing for vacuum service capability.

The assembly of split cartridge seal uses set screws to position the seal assembly to the rotating shaft or sleeve and slots within the gland, in order to reach a fixed stationary.
The stationary components regarding the assembly are the following: a split stationary seal ring, a split stationary seal ring packing, springs set, the split gland, the split gland gasket, gland bolts, and setting clips and screws.
The rotating components are the following: a split rotary seal ring, a split rotary seal ring packing, a split sleeve, the split sleeve packing, the sleeve bolts, set screws, and sleeve split gasket. The fully split mechanical seal creation eliminates the handling of very many of loose, delicate, precise manufactured components and allows for very simple, easy and time saving installation with no measurements or guess work.

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