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Mixer and Agitator Seals

Agitator seal (mixer seal) is a mechanical seal designed for process-oriented applications, such as chemical pharmaceutical industry and tight-tolerance, clean and aseptic environments. Due to a proprietary heat-shrink technology, agitator seal features long service life, providing increased lubrication properties and more precise temperature control at the seal face.

Mechanical seals are designed on various systems used for agitating, mixing and blending products. And agitator seals are double mechanical seal designed for medium to high pressure applications, often used as top entry mixer vessels in pharmaceuticals and chemical industries. These mixer seals are successfully used in all kind of mixers, reactors, paints and pulps for many years.

1. These agitator seals can be mounted on top, bottom, side or angular entry shafts in mixer. Our company has lot of designs to suit various applications. Basically these seals are highly tailor-made and designed according to process conditions.
2. We introduce ourselves as the leading agitator seal manufacturer, exporter and supplier in China. Our mixer seals are fabricated by the experts with the finest components that are especially imported from the renowned vendors. A wide range of mechanical seals at affordable prices are in choice.

1. Agitator seal needs no shaft or sleeve step for balancing. It shows good performance in high vacuum conditions. As no auxiliary equipments are required for installation, it is very cost effective & economical.
2. These mixer seals can be easily installed and repaired in the field to minimize replacement costs and downtime.
3. Agitator seals can withstand extreme shaft run-out and their springs are isolated from product to prevent clogging.
4. Due to preassembled double cartridge seal, these seals are easily installed. And no stuffing box is required.
5. Before leaving the factory, mixer seals’ pressure is tested.
6. Stationary seal face and spring design minimize vibration and harmonic problems.

When selecting the appropriate agitator seal, the customer must consider the following factors, e.g. equipment and operating demands, agitator types, and the desired mechanical seal design features.
1) Equipment factors required to be considered include:
1. Slow speed
2. Shaft movement (axial, radial, angular, bending and wobble)
3. Thermal deflection
4. Dead shaft weight
5. Thrust loads (up and down)
6. Assembly constraints
2) Operating demands (variable) to be considered include:
1. Continuous and intermittent process
2. Variety of different chemical products in the mixing tank

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