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Perfluoroelastomer Ring(FFKM)

Perfluoroelastomer Ring(FFKM)

Perfluoroelastomer ring(FFKM ring)is synthetic elastomer without C-H bond (Carbon-Hydrogen). This kind of ring can effectively work under the max temperature of 327℃ and bear corrosion of any chemical mediator. It has perfect tolerance to oil, chemical and heat. Perfluoroelastomer ring also has high stability performance because of fluorocarbon linkage. The refractory compression permanent deformation performance of perfluoroelastomer is superior to that of Viton. This FFKM ring is widely used in semiconductor manufacturing, petrochemical, gas extraction, medical food and aerospace industries.

Perfluoroelastomer ring is a revolutionary product and has the performance of elasticity, heat resistance and purity, more excellent than Teflon and normal rubber. In the aspect of chemical resistance, general viton cannot adapt to the environment of etherate, amido compound, ketone, oxidant, strong acid & alkaline, fuel, acid and alkaline, but perfluoroelastomer shows the excellent stability and perfect tolerance to all kinds of chemical mediator. In the other aspect of heat resistance, perfluoroelastomer can keep the performance of elasticity under the temperature of 300℃, featuring extend sealing life, low maintenance cost and pollution.

Technical Parameters of Domestic FFKM Ring

Property Unit Domestic FFKM
Hardness HS 72
Tensile Strength MPa 20
Elongation Percentage % 175
Modulus MPa 10.5
Heat Resistance Temperature 270℃
70 hr in room temperature \ 19
70 hr at 204℃ \ 49

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