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Installation Instructions of Mechanical Seals

Please read the instructions below carefully for the correct use of mechanical seals. It is necessary to master the basic knowledge and pay attention to the safety and the rules and regulations.
Make sure that the system has been closed and in a non-pressure or cooling state before any installation and maintenance.
1. There must be a chamfer of 3×100 at the stair where the shaft (or shaft gasket) of mechanical seals will be installed. There must be a chamfer of (1.5~3) ×200 on the surface of seal ring of seal gland, and the sharp edge and burr should be removed. (Please refer to DIN24960 or JB4127).
2. Before installing a mechanical seal, you must check the quality of the seal surface, especially check if there are any signs of hit or nick on the surface of rotary or stationary ring. If there are any damages on it, you must repair or change a new one. The surface of spare parts must be carefully cleaned, while, the seal surfaces of rotary and stationary rings should be coated with oil.
3. The place that will be installed elastomer seal can be coated with lubricant. However, EPDM, and butyl based elastomer materials can not be in touch with oil or grease. In this case, we recommend using soap liquid to lubricate.
4. When you install V-ring (PTFE),the open side of the V-ring should face to the media,and the direction is the same with that of seal liquid pressure.
5. Please pay more attention to the spring rotary direction when you install the single way rotary mechanical seals (which transmitted by hook-shaped spring or multi-layer ring), the correct direction can lead the spring became more and more tensed. We can judge the direction by watching from the stationary side to the rotary side. (Clockwise direction is called right rotary, and anticlockwise direction is called left rotary).
6. When installing set screw and gland connection screw of mechanical seal, each group of screws should be tight uniformly.
7. During the installation, mechanical seals should not be knocked to avoid spoiling spare parts.
8. Before the operation of the equipment, please assure there are full of seal liquid or liquid media in the seal cavity. It should be started the system first, if there are single seal circulate protection system, but please stopped the system after stopped other operation.
9. It should be guaranteed the circulation of seal liquid when dual face seal is used, and the pressure of seal liquid should excess the media pressure 0.1-0.2 MPa.
10. After finishing the installation of the mechanical seal, please rotate it as per the shaft rotary direction to see if it is flexible. If there is any thing abnormal, please re-check and do adjust.

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