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Cermet Insert

Cermet Insert

Featuring high hardness, high strength, high wear resistance, high heat resistance and high corrosion resistance, carbide cermet inserts are widely used in finish machining, semi-finish machining, and rough machining for turning, milling, drilling and boring such cermet products.
Trisun manufactures various tungsten carbide cermet inserts in different sizes and grades. We can also customize these products according to customers’ requests.

Parameters of Cermet Insert

Type Dimension(mm) Material grade
d s m CG06
SEMN1203 12.7 3.18 1.53

Trisun has the ability to produce at least 10,000,000 sets mechanical seals, 1,000,000 sets of auto water pump impellers, 200,000 sets of variable automotive air conditioner control valves, and 20,000 sets of metal bellows seals and cartridge seals annually. Besides, we can also manufacture and provide quantitative auxiliary products such as carbide cermet inserts. With rich experience in this field, Trisun is a professional manufacturer and supplier of seals and inserts in China.

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