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Graphite Seals

Graphite Seals

Carbon graphite is an ideal seal material in every aspect. It’s impervious and resistant to most chemicals. Carbon graphite seals are one of the most important solutions for those looking for a sealing material that seals tightly and offers several other important characteristics. Seals are an important part of any machine because they often determine whether it will operate efficiently and without breaking down.

1. Graphite seals are self lubricating and resistant to chemicals, corrosion and oxidation.
2. They feature low coefficient of friction, good thermal conductivity, excellent mechanical strength, and dimensional stability under wide temperature variations.
3. Carbon graphite seals can be applied in corrosive environments, chemical pumps, steam joints, food processing pumps, process pumps in refineries, cold and hot water pumps, agitators and mixers, and cryogenic applications.

How to Choose a Graphite Seal?
When choosing a company to manufacture your carbon graphite seals, you should ask some questions first.
1. Find out what process they use to create the seals and how long it would take them to create a seal that can meet your specifications.
2. Ask the shapes and sizes of the graphite seal they have, as well as the tolerances they are able to hold.
Knowing the answers to these questions will help you discover whether this company can and will provide you with a quality carbon graphite seal. After all, if the seal breaks, the entire machine will be affected, so you should choose wisely.

Technical Parameters of Graphite Seal

  Type     Brand   Impregnated
  Volume Density   Antiflexural
  Compression Strength     Shore Hardness     Porosity     Thermal Expansion Coefficient     Temperature     Feature
g/cm3   Mpa Mpa HS 10-6 / ℃
Carbon Pure carbon M191T Pure carbon 1.8 100 250 92 1.2 5.5 600 Resistant acid & alkali,
corrosion and high

resin carbon
M106K Furane resin 1.65 65 210 90 2 5.5 200 Resistant acid & alkali,
extensive use
M118K 1.75 - 210 85 2 5 200  
M180K 1.8 30 240 90 1.2 5.5 210  
M200K 1.82 55 115 55 1.2 4.5 210  
M106H Epoxide resin 1.65 60 210 85 1.5 4.8 200 Resistant alkali
M118F Bakelite resin 1.75 - 210 85 2 5 200 Resistant acid
metal carbon
M118D Antimony
2.4 60 250 85 2 5.5 350 Resistant high temperature, high intensity
M181D 2.3 80 200 80 2 5.5 350  
M181P Bronze alloy 2.4 80 250 75 2.5 6 350 Resistant alkali and high temperature, high intensity
  - - 1.71   54 147 65 2.9 16 100 Low cost, high lubricating property
PTFE Filled carbon PTFE - - 2.2 22.2 17.3 20 - - 200 Resistant corrosion

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