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VITON Rubber Seals

VITON Rubber Seals

Viton is a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer commonly used in O-rings and other molded or extruded goods. Viton rubber seals are usually applied in faucets, toilets, fittings, pipes, showers and other industry accessories, and auto parts.

Features of Viton Rubber Seal
This rubber mechanical seal can be resistant against heat, oil and reagents. Thus it is suitable for high temperature and vacuum equipment. It is suitable to be used in such temperature environments ranging from -30℃ to 210℃.

1. Viton rubber seal features excellent resistance to oil, petrol, acids as well as high temperature. It also has excellent resistance against brittleness during long term heat exposure.
2. This rubber mechanical seal characterizes low permeability to gases and superior resistance to ozone, oxidation as well as flame resistance.
3. Trisun, our company, offers a varied range of viton rubber products to our esteemed clients. Due to its sturdy construction, high quality, high performance and durability, this viton rubber seal has become one of the most demanding products.

If you are unsure as to which rubber is best for your application then you can consult our gasket material selector, or our guide to rubbers. Material specifications can be downloaded from the link on the left of this page.
Alternatively, we are always happy to offer technical help and advice. If you require assistance , please do not hesitate to contact us.

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