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New Automatic Polishing Machine

New Automatic Polishing Machine

Automatic polishing machine has wide use in ceramics, graphite, alloys and silicon carbides. This automatic polishing equipment features adjustable speed, adding slurry and lifting polishing gland automatically.

Specifications of Automatic Polishing Machine
Polishing disc diameter: 480 mm (only for cast graphite) / 610 mm / 640 mm.
Product polishing range: ceramics, graphite, alloys, silicon carbide. (The biggest outer diameter of the polishing product is 100 mm)
Polishing time: 10 minutes for graphite; 30 minutes for other materials
Eligibility criteria:<0.2 μm
Feature: adjustable speed, automatic adding slurry, lifting polishing gland automatically.

Shanghai Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various fluid seals and seal testing equipments in China. Automatic polishing machine (automatic polishing equipment) is one of our company’s main products. Adhering to the principle of “gaining mutual benefits with our customers”, Trisun does its utmost to serve every customer.

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