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Domestic Vacuum Leak Detector

Domestic Vacuum Leak Detector

Vacuum leak detector (vacuum leak tester) is suitable for detecting mechanical failure, leakage and vibration in plant components including leak detection in pressure and vacuum systems (boilers, heat exchangers, condensers, chillers, vacuum components, gas piping and valves), bearing inspection, steam trap inspection, pump cavitation, detection of corona in switch gear, integrity of seals and gaskets in tanks, etc.

Specifications of Vacuum Leak Detector
Test time: 30 seconds
Product range: Component mechanical seal
Eligibility criteria: Shaft dimension 12-40 mm, pumping 5 seconds, test 5 seconds<850Pa;
Shaft dimension 42-100 mm, pumping 10 seconds, test 5 seconds<850Pa

Shanghai Trisun Parts Manufacture Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and supplier of various seal testing equipments in China. The main products include electronic-digital pressure leak tester, LCD pressure leak tester (4/8 units in one operation), domestic vacuum leak detector, imported vacuum leak tester, diamond lapping paste, plane machine, polishing machine and new automatic polishing machine. The mentioned vacuum leak tester is reliable in quality and performance, appreciated by customers.

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