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LCD Pressure Leak Tester (8 Units in One Operating)

LCD Pressure Leak Tester (8 Units in One Operating)

Description of LCD Pressure Leak Tester
This leak testing machine (8 units in one operating) is highly appreciated for its easy maintenance and is available in several specifications. It is corrosion resistant, thus it is able to withstand different weather condition.

Specifications of LCD Pressure Leak Tester
Test time: 28 sec/batch
Quantity: 8 sets/batch
Test range: Auto cooling pump seal
Fixture: Changeable for different dimension
Eligibility criteria: Pass value<0.6ml/26S (seal coated silicone oil); pass value<1.4ml/26S(seal coated silicone oil)

Trisun specializes in designing and manufacturing various fluid seals in China. Besides this, we also manufacture and supply some seal testing equipments, such as vacuum leak tester, plane tester, polishing machine, LCD pressure leak tester, etc. The above leak testing machine has been exported to many countries and regions, winning widespread recognition and praise.

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